Have you heard of Entrelac crochet?

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10 thoughts on “Have you heard of Entrelac crochet?

  1. Hi there, I am a new follower. Found you through Wink at A Creative Being… She had your adorable elephant bunting posted….nice to be where!

  2. I used to make afghan squares in what my mother simply called “afghan stitch;” I now know that it was a Tunisian stitch. Need to explore some of those beautiful stitches !!

  3. I am interested in making a blanket using Tunisian squares except that I would like to try the rectangle version. Could you tell me what ratio stitches to use please? This will be my first attempt.

    • Hmm, it all depends on the yarn you want to use and the size of the rectangle. I would suggest drawing a rectangle in the size you would like. Then crochet a sampler so that you know how many stitches and rows you need. If you use entrelac crochet I would also suggest watching a few tutorial videos so that you know how to do it before you start 😉
      Good luck and I’d love to see the finished article.

  4. You said you did it “different” to the video so that your squares would not have the typical entrelac curve. Could you post what the technique you used to do this was? I likewise am miffed at the curved edges and would like the cleaner look you managed to get with your method.

    • Gosh!
      I can’t even remember how I did it differently TacoMagic.
      I know that I just watched the beginning of the video and then worked it out for myself, so I actually don’t know how different ‘my way’ is from the video.
      I am still going to do a tutorial for some entrelac fingerless gloves and I’ll explain how to do entrelac in that post.
      If you want to be informed of future posts please move over to my new blog http://abagfullofcrochet.co.za

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