Working flat

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3 thoughts on “Working flat

  1. That’s how I do my next row, too! My mother always tells me that I do it wrong, but then she complains about the gaps she leaves when starting a new row. I like the foundation row technique. I’ve started doing the chainless foundation, but I’m still not sold on it. Thanks for the tutorials! — Sydney (who complained about working flat projects on FB)

    • Ah, that’s great!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂
      That was my big problem with the ‘correct’ way too. I don’t like the gaps and I think that, as with any art form/craft, there is room for experimentation and development. There are so many little tricks that ‘traditional’ crochet is only finding out about now. Like the magic ring, invisible decreases and the chainless foundation row.

      I agree with you, the chainless foundation row is not for everyone, or for every project. I use it sometimes but I actually chain faster than I create a chainless foundation so I usually use a chain and now that I’m using the bottom bump for my first row I don’t get a twisted first row either.

      Did you know that the chainless foundation row is actually a Tunisuan stitch?

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