Introducing Eve

Meet Eve.

My first proper crochet doll.
I have made one other doll but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with her, so I had to try again.

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13 thoughts on “Introducing Eve

  1. I just love her! I bought a pattern from Maggie Weldon Crichet site. It’s for a curvy crochet doll named Suzette. I made her but left her naked and added hair in strategic places and added a lil color on her boobs for nipples. She still has no clothes and I’m going to leave her like that, but I am going to make another one with clothes!
    I love your work! You do lovely work and don’t use patterns! I’m soooo jealous!

  2. I make doll clothes also. I make them for Polly Pockets, Barbie and her family, baby dolls and 18 inch dolls. And like you I very seldom write down the pattern. When I start with or totally use a pattern from someone else I always try to remember to give credit where the idea came from.

    I posted quite a few on my blog on March 29th.

  3. Proper indeed!! She’s gorgeous. I am the same way when it comes to patterns. I just recently made a bunny with no pattern and actually had the sense to write down (most) of what I did. I felt very accomplished. Well done! 🙂

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