Upcoming Changes

Well, the past month has been rather interesting to say the least.

Conrad (the hubby) and I are working on some big changes in our life, that will hopefully free us up to spend more time together as well as new business ideas.
One of the major changes that I am working on even as I am writing this is the move from abagfullofcrochet.wordpress.com to my very own URL. I wasn’t going to do this so soon but the constant emails and Facebook messages asking about where you can buy my elephant string have hastened things along just a bit.
So, I am going to be moving my blog to http://abagfullofcrochet.co.za YAY! Oops, I just noticed a spelling mistake in the blog name. The link should still take you to the right page though.
You can have a look at it already, as it is live and it won’t look much different to this blog except that I’ve added a PinIt button and changed the links in the right hand menu a bit. You will now connect with me via mail, RSS feed, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and even Ravelry right from the right hand side menu.
You’ll also notice that there is no Follow via email option in the right hand menu anymore. Don’t despair though, you can still follow me via email and receive the free Spring is Sprung Granny Square pattern. All you need to do is comment on a post or page and then click the ‘Notify me of new posts via email’ option. You can start following the new blog now already, if you like. Ok, so I fixed that, the Follow via email box is back in the right hand menu 🙂
Another new feature will be a shop YAY 🙂

I will be selling pre-made items such as the elephant string, overlay heart mobiles and other decorations as well as patterns.

I still have to finalise everything and make sure that everything works properly before I open the shop but it will be happening soon YAY YAY 🙂


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