Waves and Ripples: How to customise a pattern

The other day I asked my Facebook fans if they had anything they needed help with and this is what Alycia Dooley asked:

I’ve been having trouble with coming up with a ripple stitch pattern for a 12inch pillow form. Doing the base chain in multiples of 14, it comes out too long or too short. I’m having a hard time figuring a pattern out on my own. Would love your input!


Click on the image for the link to the pattern.

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Changing Skeins and Weaving in Ends Simultaneously


Step 1

Make sure you still have a good half meter of the working skein left because you’re going to start weaving the new skein into the fabric for a while before you change over. Ideally you should weave the new skein in for at least 10-15 stitches, to make sure it is secure.

Step 2

Before you YO to finish off your stitch (turquoise) wind a section of yarn from the new skein (pink)  around your hook and draw both pieces of yarn through the loops on the hook to complete the stitch.



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